New Law Proposed in New York to Permit Firefighters to Rescue Pets Trapped in Vehicles

by | Jul 12, 2018

New Law Proposed in New York to Permit Firefighters to Rescue Pets Trapped in Vehicles

New York Agriculture and Markets Law § 353-d currently permits police officers and peace officers (including officers acting as agents of certain humane societies) to rescue companion animals trapped in motor vehicles suffering as a result of extreme temperatures. These officers are granted immunity from criminal and civil liability for reasonable, good faith actions undertaken to save an animal in such dire circumstances. Important legislation to amend this statute passed the New York State Assembly on June 18, 2018 under Assembly Bill A04029. The new legislation permits paid and volunteer firefighters to rescue animals with the same immunity as police and peace officers. The bill is currently pending before the New York State Senate as Senate Bill S03954-A.

UPDATE: This issue received publicity on July 16, 2018 when Marissa Sarbak of News 12 Long Island posted a story on this topic. See the story for the link to the News 12 report.

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